Dream Bridge over the Rio Grande


Acrylic on Canvas, 24" X 36" $1,600


There are deep chasms in both the inner and outer worlds, here symbolized by the Rio Grande Gorge near Taos, New Mexico. It is an expanse between opposites, seemingly too wide and deep to be resolved.. A river the color of blood, tinged; red by the setting sun flows through this wound in Mother Earth, corresponding to the wound in the human soul, separating; peoples of different cultures from the knowledge of their shared lineage as children of the Earth. Light touches only the edges of the canyon, and the greater part sinks into the realm of mystery. The woman wears the Star Shawl of the Guadalupe, Mother Goddess of the New World. The lightning in her hair is the power of her medicine dreams, bridging the chasm, and the Red Horse the warrior spirit sent in power over the gap. She carries within her the image of woundedness evolving into creation and healing. It is in the secret of opposites united that creation begins.