Songs are my connection to the spirit world. We are all
ONE VOICE and ONE COLOR, the color inside all of us is RED --- Standing Deer

Featuring Blue Spruce Standing Deer & Marti White Deer Song

Hand Painted Drums

Standing Deer always paints his own drums with images and designs that express the spirit of the drum. A few years ago people at his drumming workshops began asking if he would paint their personal drums. Before long he was asked to paint a friend's denim jacket and that led to another and another--. These drums are examples of some of the designs he's painted.

If you don't have a drum to paint we can get one for you. Our drums are from Taos Pueblo drum makers. Let us know the size you want and if you want a one sided hand drum or a two sided drum.

    Price List for Drums

  • 16" one-sided hand drum: $350
  • 18" one sided hand drum: $375
  • Powwow drum: $600, plus depending on size of drum

Hand Painted Jackets

We usually don't supply the jackets. It's your choice. Do you have an old favorite? Or, find several in different colors if you like. Standing Deer has painted both long and short coats in cotton twill, denim, and leather. If you don't have a jacket let us know the size, color and style you want. Price varies according to the amount size of painted surface and detail work.