About the Artist


Marti Fenton (White Deer Song) is a selfMarti taught artist. Drawing and painting have been ways of communing with the essence of creation since early childhood . She has been a student of both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions since her early teens, but feels the strongest heart connection with indigenous spirituality. She also has a long term interest in Astrology and the Western Mystery Tradition.

The human soul is the most powerful canvas of all. Marti is also a student of Archetypal and Transpersonal Psychology, Mythology and all that pertains to the unfolding of Humankind's relationship with Mother Earth each other and the Cosmos.

While art has always been a natural form of expression for Marti, it was not until she moved to Taos New Mexico in 1992 that many seemingly separate threads of her past began to emerge as a coherent design. During a difficult time of transition, she began to receive images from a deeply buried, and long dormant way of relating to life. These images are guiding symbols of her future path transposed over images from the past. Painting is simply a way of dreaming the world.

Art combines symbols, dreams, concepts and experiences that can't be adequately expressed in words. Often paintings do not reveal their meaning even to the artist for some time after the image has been transferred to canvas. After an image is born it truly has a life of it's own, including it's own purpose and destiny. When the image is ready to come forth, the artist begins to receive its story in words as well as visual design. She must write and sketch these down quickly before they fade the way a dream fades upon waking. At other times the image emerges over a period of time and undergoes changes that continue to inform the artist.

Marti was born and grew up in Denver Colorado and now lives and works in Taos, New Mexico. She is married to Blue Spruce standing Deer a Tiwa Indian who had the privilege of growing up in the ancient village of Taos Pueblo. He is also an artist and musician and is the son of a traditional medicine man.

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