Songs are my connection to the spirit world. We are all
ONE VOICE and ONE COLOR, the color inside all of us is RED --- Standing Deer

Featuring Blue Spruce Standing Deer & Marti White Deer Song


In his workshops and concerts, Blue Spruce Standing Deer helps others experience the beauty and healing power of the drum. While he sings traditional native songs and his own compositions, each person has the opportunity to drum with him, within the circle of the large drum. Participants not only enjoy drumming with Standing Deer, they are encouraged to bring their own hand drum if they have one. They feel the joy of drumming in unison with several other people, while providing the heartbeat rhythm for the dancers. Drummings usually end with a friendship or Round Dance.

Standing Deer's deep immersion in his traditional culture, where music, art and spirituality are not separate from life, but the every day expression of joy, reverence and gratitude to the source of everything, lends a profound but joyous presence to his workshops, and ceremonies.


PRIVATE SESSIONS with Standing Deer (Pba-Quen-Nee-e)

Pba-Quen-Nee-e does intuitive counseling guided by the Spirits that carry his medicine. He has the ability to hear beneath the words that people speak to him, to get to the real heart of an issue. When deemed appropriate and necessary, he also uses hands-on massage techniques given to him by his father, a Tiwa medicine man, to help unblock physical and emotional issues. He uses the drum and his songs to guide the healing process. Pba-Quen-Nee-e's gentle but direct approach, helps the person to see what has been hidden from them, and to let go and move past old blockages.

In addition to drumming workshops Standing Deer offers--

  • Wedding Ceremonies: Standing Deer will help you choose a beautiful place in nature, or meaningful personal or historic location for your ceremony.
  • House and Land Blessings: These are Traditional Native American Cleansing and Blessing Ceremonies to remove negative history and/or initiate a new living space in beauty and harmony.
  • Special Celebrations:Rituals and Celebrations to mark and enhance important Life Changes and Rights of Passage.
  • Participatory Drummings: Group drumming is participating in the Heartbeat of Mother Earth and bringing all into her rhythm.
  • Cultural Workshops in Schools:Children Naturally Understand the Joy of Drumming.
  • Private Sessions: Standing Deer focuses on helping you find that which Restores your Life Force and Sense of Wholeness.
  • Personal Tours: Both Standing Deer and Marti enjoy giving private or small group tours of historic and spiritual aspects of the Taos area and the Taos Pueblo.
Outside Wedding Ceremony