Songs are my connection to the spirit world. We are all
ONE VOICE and ONE COLOR, the color inside all of us is RED --- Standing Deer

Featuring Blue Spruce Standing Deer & Marti White Deer Song


The name Medicine Bird was inspired by Pba-Quen-nee-e's (Standing Deer's) spirit bird and represents the Golden Eagle revered for its power and it's amazing clarity and depth of sight. The Golden Eagle seldom misses its prey. It is the spirit of this sacred and powerful bird that frequently brings him the images that transform into the songs, that send forth their own medicine. In the Native American way "Medicine" is spiritual power.

This video is a selection of Standing Deer's most recent work. The background song is "Among the Stars," from his CD One Voice.

Medicine Bird Gallery Standing Deer and Marti dressed ceremonial in Sedona, Arizona displays the paintings, music and ceremonies of Pba-quen-ee-e (Blue Spruce Standing Deer) and the paintings and musings of Marti Fenton (White Deer Song).The name "White Deer Song" was given to Marti by Standing Deer because the presence of the white deer comes to her frequently in dreams and visions and was one of the first images she painted when she came to Taos, New Mexico two decades ago.

Standing Deer and Marti currently live and work in Taos, New Mexico. They invite you to experience their world.